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Grape Seed Oil from cancer and AIDS and other serious diseases.

  Grape seeds contain resveratrol – a natural substance extracted from grapes, which prevents tumors, the development and progression of cancer cells. A huge amount of laboratory and experimental data about antiviral, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect of resveratrol is collected. It is established that resveratrol interferes with the process of growth and division of cancer cells and thereby contribute to their rapid demise. In this way the tumor ceases to grow quickly and even begins to shrink in size. And in some cases, resveratrol increases the efficiency of chemotherapeutic medicines. On what, you can significantly reduce the dose and thus reduce the harm caused by them on the human immune system.

 Positive results were received when studying the effect of resveratrol on human immunodeficiency responsible for the development of AIDS. It was found that resveratrol impedes the processes of virus cells multiplication. In many ways the truth can be said that in the near future resveratrol to be used in regimens of cancer and AIDS.

  Growth and development of breast cancer (the most common disease in Western society), as well as the esophagus, stomach, lung, gallbladder and prostate cancer depend on environmental factors and diet. That is the opinion of researchers from the Laboratory of Experimental Endocrinology, University of Crete, as well as the School of Medicine and the University Hospital of Heraklion, Greece. Studies have shown that consistent intake of foods and beverages rich in polyphenols, which is one of the biological constituents of this useful vegetable oil, exert an antiproliferative effect on the breast cancer cells growth. Cancer cells stopped growing. The researchers noted a strong antioxidant action taken by the polyphenols, as well as reduced toxicity caused by the tumor.

 In general, following benefits of this product in the body could be listed:

  • Reduces blood cholesterol, blood clots, a positive effect on blood rheology
  • Has a hepatoprotective action: it reduces the likelihood of fatty hepatosis and liver cirrhosis
  • Reduces severity of inflammatory reactions
  • Stimulates formation of collagen in the skin that helps to maintain its elasticity;
  • Reduces severity of allergic reactions by reducing the formation of histamine;
  • Has an immunostimulating effect;
  • Helps to reduce the blood glucose level.

Grape seed oil is the most popular oil used in cosmetology.

 It is mined by hot and cold extraction, but the second option is more efficient, because it retains much more useful items. It has many vitamins such as A, B, C, E, PP, but most of all vitamin E, which helps to keep skin young, moisturizes.

 In addition, the grape seed oil has a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, like, for example, linoleic acid which is indispensable for the skin. It makes skin moist and smooth for a long time. The oil helps to narrow the pores, is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving it greasy. It also aids in toning and refreshing skin.

 This cosmetic oil can be used for the daily cleansing or instead of the moisturizer. It is enough to moisten a cotton swab into the heated oil and wipe the face. Also, it is suitable for removing the makeup and used as a massage oil.

  Powdered Grape Seed (popularly known as flour), is often used for cosmetic purposes. It can be added to the all kinds of creams and used as the main ingredient for scrubs. After all, these procedures are effective in reducing the appearance of cardiovascular diseases, clean blood vessels, reduce cholesterol, neutralize free radicals, and most importantly – slow down the aging process for prolonged life, as well as improve performance and endurance, tone up the skin.

  Especially valuable substance of grape is pyknogenol. This compound has antioxidant properties and exhibits marked anti-allergic effect. Cream or scrub, in which there is a grape seed powder, indispensable for women’s health.

The grape seeds are rich in phytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are similar in function to the female sex hormone – estrogen.

 Grape seed oil is known not only for its cosmetic and therapeutic effect. It is also used in cooking and is key to a healthy diet, mainly because it does not cause blood cholesterol levels to increase, thus preventing the risk of cardiovascular disease. .

 This oil is advised for people with arthritis, rheumatism, diseases of the liver and kidneys, it has diuretic properties and purifies the blood.

  The oil has a natural, not very distinct taste, especially recommended for salads. Also is used to make mayonnaise and pastry.

In connection with rising prices of cocoa beans in the world, the use of the extract (powder) Grape seed in the production of confectionery products is of great interest. According to one of Ohio State University (USA), grape seed do not contain theobromine in its structure, which determines the organoleptic characteristics of cocoa beans products, however, it has a set of substances such as hemicellulose, lignin, enotanin, protein that, when heated, form a colored Maillard reaction products – melanoidins.

Grape seed extract, and roasting, turn dark brown, similar to color of roasted cocoa. The taste of roasted powder is almost neutral; there is a slight aftertaste of cocoa, roasted nuts and a distant scent of coffee.


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