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The ТМ «Олео Вита»(“Oleo Vita”) takes the leading place in Ukraine on distribution production of Enterprise "ORION" of herbal products – natural oils, powders, food and related. Its principal activities are:

  • Production of grape seed oil
  • Production of natural powders
  • Production of basic and essential oils
  • Export
  • The unique processing technology, developed by our company based on years of research, gives a range of valuable products; in first place – the grape powder and oil of grape seeds.

    Oil production by cold pressing only allows to receive highest quality products, distinguished by a refined taste, in which nature has concentrated the most valuable vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, tannins, it greatly benefits imported products on price with unparalleled quality.

    Natural powder (degree of grinding is 60 microns or less) is used in different areas – food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical. The grape seed powder is most popular in confectionery industry as the best substitute for cocoa powder.

    The company staff consists of experienced, highly qualified, honest and decent people who love their job. Our purpose is to provide a unique product that has no analogues on the whole territory of the CIS and beyond.

    In areas such as medicine, dietetics, biotechnology, biochemistry, pharmacology, the company works closely with academic advisors, who are members of the scientific and medical council and who carry out works in scientific and research institutions of Ukraine.

    “OleoVita” produces only pure natural products from carefully selected raw materials, with the latest developments in the field of food production and modern equipment.


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